RMC Real MC Coy Custom Wah 1

RMC Real MC Coy Custom Wah 1

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Brand RMC
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Brand RMC
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Perfettamente funzionante, look vissuto, sprovvisto di imballo originale.

Since its release in 1998, the RMC1 has gained the reputation as one of the best wah pedals in the world. Based on the most requested hot-rod mods Geoffrey Teese has done over the years, this hand built wah delivers more sweep range than mass produced wahs. Besides the increased range, the RMC1 produces a more musical sweep with a repositioned sweet spot, richer mids, and a stronger low end than most any wah on the market today. Also, the wet output signal of the RMC1 is boosted to keep your sound from getting lost in the crowd like other wahs. Just like all RMC wahs, the RMC1 is developed and built by Geoffrey Teese and includes licensed fuzz-friendly technology (as of October 2006), true-bypass, easily adjustable rocker tension (as of October 2006), and AC adapter jack, and is covered by our limited one year warranty. 

The under-the-rocker toggle switch alters the sweep speed and low end resonance characteristics. If the toggle-forward position sounds muddy with your humbuckers simply flip the toggle-backwards. Sweep and resonance fine-tuning can be done via the trimmer on the switch inside the pedal.

Specifications subject to change without notice.

Model number: RMC1
Inductor: Custom manufacture Karmaflux
RFI Filtering: Yes
EMI Filtering: Yes 
Current draw: <10 mA
If an AC adapter is used, the adapter requires a 5.5/2.1mm coax plug with a negative center post, 9VDC AC regulated Class II, 20mA to 200mA max current output.


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